From One TA to Another

by Claire Chambers

Top Tips for Successful Intervention Groups

Small group interventions take up the lion's share of a TA's time. It is an ongoing challenge to:

  • Ensure that every child receives their required interventions - for some pupils this may be several every day.
  • Create an opportunity to speak to the teacher to be clear about exactly the skill the pupil is to work on.
  • Make certain that the needs of each individual pupil are catered for; supplying visual prompts handwriting grips, ear defenders, making sure they have their glasses.
  • Engage the pupil/s.
  • Source and prepare materials and gather together equipment.
  • Cope with behaviour.
  • Accommodate the ever-changing school day to fit in interventions around swimming lessons, special projects, school trips, play rehearsals, and absences. 
  • Find space to carry out the interventions.
  • Feed back to the teacher.
  • Evidence the intervention with photographs and record the session outcomes.
  • Reflect upon the session about what went well and prepare for the next.

And, most importantly of all, teaching a new skill to a pupil that they can generalise back in the classroom and other situations - all in a 20 minute intervention slot!

I don't know how we do it...

We asked TAs from around the country to share their tips for overcoming some of these hurdles when running their intervention groups.