FREE Home Learning Resources and Activities - Week 4

by Liz Isaac
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As we enter the next stage of lockdown, we know that you will still be looking for activities and ideas to help support your child’s development in these trying times. Therefore, in our fourth blog for parents, we have continued to find resources that are not only educational, but also entertaining.

Our top picks for this week are:

Speech Link Multimedia’s Parent Portal continues to grow, we are always updating our speech and language resources, activities and games to make sure that our schools and parents are able to support their children. Check out our NEW spring games!

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BT have created an easy and fun way to learn coding but comparing it to baking a cake. A great alternative to keep children’s minds occupied and engaged.

Vooks have made their subscription to animated storybooks free for one whole year for teachers across the country.

Discover fun games, videos and books for children of all ages.

Learn about scientific discoveries with a free phone app Discovery Mind Blown.

Learn about interesting facts and the history about them with How Stuff Works.

Time for Kids Magazine has made their digital library free for the rest of the school year. Inside you will find worksheets, teaching tools, quizzes and the magazines.


I you have any suggestions of free resourses that we can share, please let us know at