Our Top Picnic Language Activities

by Claire Chambers
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It’s not always easy to think of ways to carry out speech and language work when on a day out.  Here are some of our favourite language activities from The Speech Link Parent Portal with ideas for using them at a picnic.

What’s in the bag? (What and Why questions)

Ask your child or children to go on a treasure hunt and collect some items from the area where you are picnicking.

Ideas for ‘treasure’ might include a leaf, feather, twig, dandelion or stone.  Or perhaps something from your picnic, a plastic cup, a fork, an apple or a piece of kitchen roll.  Pop them in a bag and follow the instructions on the activity sheet to try and work out what is in the bag using what and why questions.

See the full game here.

What’s the time Mr Wolf (When questions)

Mark out steppingstones – draw them in the sand, place paper with a weight on or use circles of stones.

You can be the wolf asking your child when questions. Follow the instructions on the activity sheet and see if your child can cross the river before you catch them!

Check out the full game here.

Who wants what (pronouns he, she, they)

Set your picnic out and let the other members of your party be the customers.

Ask your child to serve each ‘customer’ by asking what he, she or they would like.

Use pronouns in your answer e.g. “He would like a pork pie and she would like a ham sandwich.”

Play the game here.

Mini Olympics

A picnic is a great location for setting up a mini obstacle course; blankets, jumpers, balls and even apples can be part of the race. Give instructions in two and then three parts using the key words before, after, first, last, then, next

e.g. “First put on a jumper, then take a bite of the apple.”  “Run to the tree before taking your jumper off.”

The whole family can be involved with perhaps an ice cream for the winner!

We really hope these suggestions help you to continue working with your child on language work throughout the summer.

Play the full game here.