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  • Q & A with Kim Griffin, OT.

    by Editor 10 Sep 2019

    Kim Griffin, Occupational Therapist, has written 2 articles for The Link magazine.  In issue 14 Kim describes how she uses her OT sessions as an opportunity to enhance children’s language development  ‘Exploring Language with Your Senses’ We caught up with Kim and asked her some questions our readers have sent in.

  • Meet our new Speech and Language Therapist, Louise!

    by Louise Bingham
    — Speech and Language Therapist 17 Jul 2019

    We are delighted to welcome our new SLT, Louise Bingham, to the Speech Link Multimedia Ltd team. Louise has worked for the NHS for the past 8 years supporting children and young people in Kent schools.

  • Spotlight on Autism around the world: Oasis School in Pakistan

    by Editor 25 Jun 2019

    In just 10 years, Oasis School has changed the landscape of Autism Education in Pakistan. They have forged a unique combination of relationships with Facebook, Pakistan’s celebrities, and the founders of the SCERTS Model and the TEACCH framework to create a vision of a more inclusive society in Pakistan…

  • What’s all the fuss about Lego® Therapy?

    by Shelley Parkin
    — Speech and Language Therapist 04 Jan 2019

    Lego® Therapy has risen in popularity over the last few years as an intervention for children with social communication difficulties. So, what actually happens in Lego®-based Therapy?

  • How can we support bereaved children with SLCN?

    by Editor 18 Dec 2018

    Sarah Helton is a Special Educational Needs and Disabilities (SEND) Consultant and Trainer who specialises in bereavement, grief and loss. Here she writes about how we can support bereaved children with SLCN.