• Returning to school and looking towards recovery

    by Louise Bingham
    — Speech and Language Therapist 04 Mar 2021

    With pupils returning to school in the next few days, we look at how best to support children with SLCN using a Recovery Curriculum.

  • You can’t read hieroglyphics if you don’t understand Egyptian!

    by Louise Bingham
    — Speech and Language Therapist 04 Feb 2021

    By trying (and failing) to learn to read hieroglyphics, speech and language therapist, Louise, puts herself in the shoes of children with SLCN and asks why we are trying to teach children to read hieroglyphics (letters) if they don’t understand the language. Reading Time 4 minutes.

  • Bridging the Word Gap at Transition: The Oxford Language Report – a response by Speech Link Multimedia Ltd

    by Guest Writer 14 Jan 2021

    Our latest blog response (by Kate Freeman SaLT) to the recent Oxford Language Report - “Bridging the Word Gap at Transition” (by Loic Menzies of The Centre for Education and Youth). This report highlights concerns about the difficulties with vocabulary demonstrated by pupils following increased academic requirements at transition from primary to secondary schools

  • How to choose an SLCN intervention for your school

    by Louise Bingham
    — Speech and Language Therapist 07 Jan 2021

    With the EEF recommending oral language as a key area to target catch up support towards, what does a school need to consider when choosing an SLCN intervention?

  • Do you get me?

    by Guest Writer 17 Dec 2020

    Kate, Educational Consultant, discusses how children can take the lead in their ability to understand.