• FREE Home Learning Resources and Activities - Week 5

    by Liz Isaac 24 Apr 2020

    So it’s the end of the first week of term and what a very different start it has been.  We hope that it has been a positive week for you, your school and your children.  To try and help our schools, we are continuing to keep an eye out for new free resources that might be useful in helping support your parents.

  • FREE Home Learning Resources and Activities - Week 4

    by Liz Isaac 17 Apr 2020

    As we enter the next stage of lockdown, we know that you will still be looking for activities and ideas to help support your child’s development in these trying times. Therefore, in our fourth blog for parents, we have continued to find resources that are not only educational, but also entertaining.

  • Working with Voice – Part 1: Supporting Children’s Voice

    by Louise Bingham
    — Speech and Language Therapist 16 Apr 2020

    In this two-part series, our speech and language therapist, Louise Bingham, explores the topic of voice. This first post focuses on voice difficulties in children and strategies to support them.

  • FREE Home Learning Resources and Activities - Week 3

    by Liz Isaac 09 Apr 2020

    For our third week of fantastic free resources, we are continuously seeing more and more resources, activities and games being produced for children, teachers, parents and any adult to keep themselves entertained and educated at home. From speech and language parent resources to becoming a future engineer, there is an endless amount of things to do.

  • FREE Home Learning Resources and Activities - Week 2

    by Liz Isaac 03 Apr 2020

    To continue our support for schools, parents and children we have found a variety of free resources that school and parents can use in this difficult time. It is amazing to see so many companies working hard and coming together to help children get the education that they deserve.