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How do your packages help me identify children with language difficulties

When using our Language Link packages, the assessment is used a a screening tool for a whole cohort.This means that every child with language difficulties will be able to get the targeted help that they need. Standardised assessments give you confidence that pupils requiring support are identified and supported to maximise their potential.

How do your packages help me identify children with speech difficulties?

If you have a child in your class who appears to have a speech sound difficulty, then you can use our assessment to identify their areas of need. Our assessment identifies error processes such as speech sound omissions or substitutions, and will also tell you which speech sound errors need to be addressed at the child's current age and which of those to work on first.

How do your packages enable me to help children with SLCN?

Once you have assessed your children, every child will be recommended for targeted intervention and support based on the child's score and age. Our new and improved online portal makes organisation and scheduling easy. What's more, every single session, whether for a language group or 1-to-1 speech session, are all planned and fully resourced.

How can I ensure children receive the right interventions?

Our programmes use a child's assessment results to recommend them for specific, targeted interventions which will suit their needs and can be run by your school's support staff. These targeted responses, in the form and language groups and speech programmes, include progress measures which evidence and monitor levels of improvement.

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Who can use the packages?

Our packages are user-friendly, require no special qualification and can be administered by any member of a child's support team aided by our guides and webinars. In some schools the packages are used by the speech and language therapist and in others they are run by the learning support team, you can decide what will work best for your school.

How much time will interventions take up?

Our goal is to reduce the amount of time you need to implement and track quality interventions by providing quality plans and resources which you just need to print off in readiness for a session. The session plan will also indicate the amount of time needed for each activity, allowing you to easily plan sessions around your timetable.

What if our local SaLT has already given us a programme for this child?

Always follow the advice of a Speech and Language Therapist. If a child is receiving speech and language therapy or already has an intervention programme you should check with the therapist before implementing any of our speech and language programmes; they will be able to advise how to proceed.

How can we improve the expertise of our school staff?

We understand that staff training and confidence is the basis of success. We therefore offer online guides and/or webinars on using the packages and best practice. You can also book additional training workshops, and users of Secondary Language Link receive an toolkit to train their teaching staff.

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A child has difficulty in multiple areas of communication- where do I start?

If a child is identified as having more severe difficulties, then our package will recommend that you discuss them with your local speech and language service. For children whose needs can be dealt with in school, the assessment identifies specific areas of need, allowing focused interventions. In Speech Link, these areas will be prioritised for you. In Language Link, you can use your discretion in the order of interventions.

What if a child needs support in both speech and language?

When Reception children need support in both speech and language, we suggest you prioritise language interventions for one year before introducing speech sound programmes. In Year 1 and above, children can usually work on both speech and language interventions simultaneously if needed, but if in doubt always check with a Speech and Language Therapist. Please do feel free to call 0333 577 0784 to speak to one of our therapists.

Why do I need to prioritise Speech and Language in my school?

It is thought that up to 56% of children may start school with significant language delays linked to social disadvantage (Locke A, Ginsborg J, Peers I, 2002; Law J, McBean K, Rush R, 2011) and therefore estimated that an average of 2-3 children in an average class of 30 will have SLCN. “Speech, Language and Communication Needs are the most common type of primary SEN in primary schools, making up 29% of the total” (DfE school census data, 2012).

What if I need further help?

Whatever it is you need- whether you want to try a demo, have questions about the packages or are a user experiencing problems- we are on the other end of the phone (or email!) for you. We have TA, SENCo and Speech and Language Therapist expertise in the team who are able to answer your questions. Please do not hesitate to get in touch, we are in the office Monday to Friday, 8.30am to 5pm. Call us on 0333 577 0784, email us at [email protected] Meet the Team

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