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  • Reading and writing is so much more than spelling!

    by Louise Bingham
    — Speech and Language Therapist 11 Feb 2021

    If your child is reluctant to read and write in tasks at home, how can you best support them to develop their literacy skills? Reading Time 4 minutes

  • Move and Learn: supporting the child on the move!

    by Juliet Leonard 05 Feb 2021

    Join Juliet, Speech and Language Therapist, as she discusses how to support your children when they just can’t sit still.

  • Sound Flakes

    by Juliet Leonard 18 Jan 2021

    There is always time to promote fun with phonics. Try this Sound Flakes activity with children who are starting their literary journey.

  • Let the holidays begin!

    by Juliet Leonard 18 Dec 2020

    Well done for making it to the end of term! Thank you to all of our hard working teachers and education staff who have given their everything this year - you are our heroes! Now its time to reflect and embrace some holiday time.

  • Winter Listening Walks

    by Sophie Mustoe-Playfair 26 Nov 2020

    Winter is one of the best times of year to try a listening walk because there are so many different sounds to hear. This is a great activity for children of all ages, with lots of benefits for speech and language development. It’s also completely free and you don’t need to bring anything with you – except perhaps a warm coat and some wellies. Read on to find out more about how to go on a listening walk of your own. Reading time: 4 minutes.