Supporting parents and carers of children with SLCN

Our dedicated parents’ website provides schools with the tools to help parents and carers develop their children’s speech and language skills at home. Packed full of easily accessible advice, information and over 70 home-based activities for speech and language development, your pupils will be able keep up vital speech and language skills practice when schools are closed.

The Parent Portal is FREE to both schools and their parents when the school subscribes to our Speech and Language Link school packages. As part of our response to COVID-19 we are offering all schools throughout the UK FREE access to the site this term.

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Check Development

Parents and carers use our developmental checklists to work out which activities will be suitable for their children. The checklists cover speech, understanding, talking and listening skills from birth to 14+ years old.

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Expert Advice

Our Top Tips videos ensure parents and carers are using every opportunity they can to broaden their children’s understanding and talking. Each video in this highly engaging series is presented by a speech and language therapist and covers a different strategy.

FREE Resources

There is an extensive bank of resources and activities for developing speech, listening, talking and understanding. Each activity is specially designed to be easy and quick to use at home and many show parents and carers how to turn everyday tasks into language rich opportunities.

The Blog

The Blog is packed full of interesting articles and tips written by experts. Read a recent article here.

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