What's in a name?

Our organisation has been helping schools to support pupils with speech, language and communication needs for nearly twenty years. When we started, we had three members of staff and one package, Speech Link, for supporting children with speech sound problems.

We now have twenty-five members of staff, a team of speech and language therapists, a dedicated help desk and a whole school approach to SLCN support from Reception to KS3. We provide schools with Infant Language Link, Junior Language Link and Secondary Language Link packages (in addition to our original Speech Link package) enabling screening of pupils and provision of bespoke support in and out of the classroom. We are proud that Speech and Language Link support over 250,000 pupils every year.

We also offer a range of materials for CPD through our website (www.speechandlanguage.info), newsletters and The Link magazine which reaches 21000 schools. Our new CPD modules have recently been accredited, see the magazine for details.

So we’ve made the decision to take on a new name which reflects the entirety of what we do. From now on you’ll know us as SL Multimedia. 

This is the new trading name of Speech Link Multimedia Ltd, so wherever we you see us we’ll be SL Multimedia with the new logo above.

We hope to carry on supporting you and your pupils for at least another twenty years!