Using our Packages as a Graduated Approach

Our Primary School Packages are designed to work in line with the SEND Code of Practice, be simple to use and be effective in achieving your end aims.


Step 1

Run Language Assessments:
Our Standardised Language Assessments are used at school entry as a screening tool. In the Infant package this screen is conducted in Reception, and in the Junior package in Year 3 or 4. The interactive assessment asks children to listen to a prompt and select the appropriate picture (with adult support to use the IT). This measures understanding in areas such as verbs, concepts, instructions and associations. 

In follow on years, children highlighted with a need in the screening year will received continued support. They will be assessed annually, with new scores, recommendations and resources for each age group. Read more.

Run Speech Assessments:
A child should have a Speech Assessment if they have been identified as having a speech sound difficulty. The assessment asks children to view an image and say what they see, while an adult records the child's response. The assessment identifies error processes such as speech sound omissions or substitutions. Once a child has completed an intervention and had consolidation time, you can move on to another error process if appropriate. Read more. 


Step 2

Use reports to highlight areas of need:
Results are available instantly after assessment. Class and cohort reports demonstrate the levels of understanding of language, giving you a clear picture of the general language levels of your whole group and allowing you to plan whole class strategies. The Pupil Profile identifies the level of language and/or speech support needed for each individual child, including recommendations for interventions.

Plan your interventions:
In the language packages, children will be recommended for Language Groups based on their assessment score, and you can use our online system to assign and organise groups of up to 5. When it comes to speech packages, children will be recommended for 1-to-1 programmes

Each package contains hundreds of pages of printable resources which you can print in readiness for each session. We also sell an exciting range of games and activities in our shop if you are looking for additional resources.


Step 3

Language Link interventions involve:
1. Classroom Strategies to promote inclusive Quality First teaching and benefit the whole class.
2. Detailed Language Group session plans, tailored to individual needs and designed to make best use of your time and expertise. You also get instantly downloadable picture resources and tracking sheets.
3. BRAND NEW Supplementary Teaching; short term, intensive activities for identified areas of language.

Speech Link interventions include:
1. Practical support to manage straightforward speech difficulties in the classroom.
2. Therapy programmes tailored to each child, including printable resources and detailed session plans. These individualised speech programmes ensure that all staff are aware of the support required.
2. Online interactive games designed to develop listening skills.

A comprehensive range of printable advice sheets and homework activities are also provided so that the child's progress can be supported at home.


Step 4

Review individual children's progress:
Throughout the year, pupil progress and effectiveness of interventions are monitored with group, programme and supplementary teaching outcomes. Language programme engagement ratings and speech intelligibility ratings, together with pupil and parent views, ensure comprehensive monitoring at key points in the year. Pupil profiles can then be used for reporting and sharing with parents and professionals as appropriate. 

Create instant Provision Maps:
Reviewing your year's work couldn't be easier with our provision maps, which detail your interventions and outcomes. All interventions, outcomes and assessment results are recorded online throughout the year to feed back into the class, year group and whole school provision maps. This allows you to track the effectiveness of classroom strategies, language groups, supplementary teaching and speech sound programmes.

Our provision maps are designed specifically to fulfil the reporting needs required by Ofsted.

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