NOTE: Our speech and language therapy team developed all our language packages to be used universally, as it is well established that language problems can be very difficult to spot. An undiagnosed language problem may lie behind behaviour issues for example. For this reason there is a fixed fee applied, in the case of Secondary Language Link this is based on the size of your year 7 intake. We cannot break this down into a per-pupil or smaller "pre-identified" group fee. There is no further cost to support your year 8 and year 9 pupils.
Total Number of Students in Year 7 Cost per year*
* All prices in pounds sterling and exclusive of VAT
<21 £295
21-40 £395
41-80 £495
81-120 £595
121-160 £695
161-200 £795
201-240 £895
241-280 £995
281-340 £1095
341-400 £1195
400+ Please enquire

Secondary Language Link pricing is an annual subscription based on the size of your year 7 and the number of sites covered.

Call our Speech and Language Help Desk on 0333 577 0784 to place your order.