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Speech Link and Language Link are designed to provide practical products and support to the whole of a child's workforce.

Used within over 150 local authorities in the UK, our products are a key part of many areas' SLCN provision. Read on as we look to answer and address the questions and requirements of the Local Education Authority, Specialist Teachers and Commissioners, including:

What products are available to your schools.

How our products can work for you.

How some of our current LEAs use the packages.

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What packages are available to your schools?

The most popular of all our products, Infant Language Link is a key tool in early identification of children's language needs. Our standardised assessment can be used to screen all Reception children. With instant results, you will be able to immediately identify any language needs and implement tailored interventions. The package provides all strategies, language group plans and resources that you need, as well as reports at the click of a button. Read more
Junior Language Link can be used as a follow on from Infant Language Link or as a stand-alone language product. Following the use of our online standardised assessment with a child, you will receive instant results and tailored intervention plans to target help where it is needed. All the resources, plans, strategies, progress measures and reports you need are provided, equipping you to address the SLCN needs of your children. Read More
If you have a child in any of your Key Stage 1 classes who appears to have a speech sound difficulty, then you can use our assessment to highlight their areas of need and conduct interventions accordingly. The assessment will tell you which speech sound errors need to be addressed at the child's current age and which of those to work on first. All of the resources, plans, progression measures and classroom strategies are instantly downloadable. Read More
Secondary Language Link acts as a Year 7 screening tool, aiming to target communication support where it is needed. Both the interactive assessment and the content-rich intervention programme, 'Talk Fitness' engage young people and reflect the typical language of their educational and social environment. This package also includes SEND CPD training for the school team in the form of two online, on-demand training sessions. Read More

What can our packages provide?

Early identification of SLCN using our whole cohort screening tools.

Targeted help where it is needed, delivering interventions in school.

Training for school staff and support from our Help Desk.

Engagement with parents, offering them information and support.

Class, school and regional reports for bench-marking and allocating resources.

Accurate evidence of measured outcomes and their impact on a child.

Confidence for school staff to screen and prioritise children for SaLT.

Enhanced access to support for some children with SLCN.

How do local authorities use our packages?


Our Speech and Language Link assessments are set as a request criteria for Speech and Language Therapy by Devon's Integrated Children’s Services. They ask schools for assessment results and evidence that our interventions have been used.


All primary schools in Thurrock use both our Speech and Language Link packages, ensuring that learning staff are aware of their children's speech and language difficulties and equipped to support them.

Read more on their website


Cardiff use our packages in most primary schools and in an increasing number of secondary schools, as part of their team's mission to build the confidence and capacity of staff in schools to meet the needs of pupils with SLCN.

Read more on their website

Rhondda Cynon Taf

RCT uses our packages both to support schools in meeting the SLCN needs of their children, and to justify the allocation of specialist services. They ask that every referred child has completed our assessment in order to maximise the specialist's time and resources. 

Read more on their website

East Sussex

East Sussex are another LEA whose referral process asks for a 'baseline Speech Link and / or Language Link assessment' and completion of 'intervention informed by the Speech Link and Language Link assessments and programmes in order to support specialist input.

Read more on their website


In addition to several other important factors, Worcestershire LEA requires schools to submit a child's Language Link score with a referral to Speech and Language Therapy. This maximises specialist time, enabling them to focus support on children with severe difficulties while the school supports those with milder difficulties.

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