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Our award winning online packages for schools all include speech and language screening assessments, along with fully resourced interventions and strategies. Each one is backed up with support from our help desk and our team of speech and language therapists. We’re here to help you support children with speech, language and communication needs (SLCN).

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Primary Packages

Each primary package has a set-up fee of £150, only payable in the first year and an annual subscription as outlined below:

Infant Language Link £275
Junior Language Link £275
Speech Link £180

All prices exclude VAT
Discounts are available for small schools. Contact us for details.

Secondary Packages

Secondary Language Link starts at £300 per year and depends on the size of your KS3. Please call or email for details.

Works with your current support

All of our packages are designed to complement and work alongside your current level of SaLT support. Whether you have limited input or a full-time therapist at your disposal, our packages will help you make the most of it.

Thousands of schools in the UK use our packages to empower teachers and teaching assistants to deliver help where it’s needed and to enable the school to make the best use of valuable speech and language therapy time. Therapists report more appropriate referrals and schools are more confident in the decisions they make relating to their children’s speech and language needs. Most importantly, it makes a difference! Read our impact report here.