The Speech and Language Link packages provide SLCN screening, resourced interventions, staff training and support from Reception to KS3.

Complete a FREE trial and see how Speech and Language Link can provide you with the data to identify the level of SLCN in your school, and give you the tools you need to develop your speech and language support.

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We have language packages from Reception to KS3 and a speech sound support package covering ages 4 to 8. All of these include:

  • Screening assessments
  • Fully resourced interventions and strategies
  • Dedicated support from our friendly Speech and Language Help Desk

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Support Package Pricing

Primary Packages

Each primary package has a set-up fee of £150, only payable in the first year and an annual subscription as outlined below:

Infant Language Link £275
Junior Language Link £275
Speech Link £180

All prices exclude VAT
Discounts are available for small schools. Contact us for details.

Secondary Packages

The Secondary Language Link annual subscription is calculated based on the size of your Year 7 intake. Schools use the assessment universally in year 7 but can use the package throughout all of KS3 for this one annual price. For example, £695, based on a Year 7 intake of 121-160 students.

Speech and Language Link packages work with your current support

Thousands of schools in the UK use our packages to empower teachers and teaching assistants to deliver help where it is needed and to enable the school to make the best use of valuable speech and language therapy time.

This is because everything is designed to complement and work alongside your current level of SaLT support. Therapists report more appropriate referrals and schools are more confident in the decisions they make regarding their children’s speech and language needs.

Most importantly, the Speech and Language Link packages make a difference:

Click here to read our Impact Report pdf

The Ultimate Guide to SLCN

The Ultimate Guide to SLCN is designed to help SENCos, teachers, and support staff to help all pupils with SLCN within the classroom. We know that it is vital that all school staff have the skills and knowledge to support children with SLCN.

Part 1 explains common terminology and quality first teaching strategies to use with your pupils. Use this eBook for advice on how to support existing pupils and new pupils arriving with a specific diagnosis. Part 2 looks at specific diagnoses in detail. Part 3 gives information about how Speech Link and Language Link can support all children with SLCN. Preview the guide here.

“The jargon is explained very well within the book making it accessible for all. The core strategies are particularly useful and support the Mainstream Core Standard and Quality First Teaching. I already have plans to use this during our LSA meetings to upskill LSAs.”

Kirsten Collin, SENCo, Whitstable Junior School

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Please don’t hesitate to contact our friendly and helpful Speech and Language Help Desk on 0333 577 0784 or email