• It's time to talk

    by Yin Collighan
    — Speech and language therapist 02 Feb 2023

    How do we support children with speech, language and communication needs with their mental health? Speech and Language Therapist, Yin gives her top tips.

  • 'People don't get me'

    by Juliet Leonard
    — Speech and Language Therapist 06 Jan 2023

    How can we help support students with speech, language and communication needs who find it difficult to accept support?

  • Christmas activities at school: top tips to support children with SLCN with these seasonal challenges

    by Claire Chambers 08 Dec 2022

    Christmas be an exciting time for many, but for children with speech, language, and communication needs, it can be a challenging time to keep up with the new challenges that Christmas school activities can bring. Find out how best to support your children with SLCN when it comes to the school performance, Christmas crafting and those long assemblies.

  • What it means to be reflective and tips on how to practise

    by Guest Writer 10 Nov 2022

    Educational and Child Psychologist, Dr Samantha Weld-Blundell joins us to discuss what it means to be reflective and her top tips on how to practice it.

  • Did you know this about Infant Language Link?

    by Claire Chambers 06 Oct 2022

    Here are 10 things you may have not known about our award-winning package, Infant Language Link.