• Insufficent Discussion

    by Speech and Language Link 08 Jan 2024

    The Royal College of Speech and Language Therapist’s (RCSLT) submission to the Centre for Social Justice’s report Two Nations: The State of Poverty in the UK highlights the “insufficiently discussed correlation between speech, language, and communication needs (SLCN) and poverty”. We must ask why is there so little discussion as many reports have highlighted this connection in the last fifteen years?

  • A personal experience of education after stroke

    by Guest Writer 04 Jan 2024

    When Jessica had a stroke at just 10 years old, the challenges she faced were immense. With the help of her speech and language therapist, Katherine Buckeridge (specialist speech and language therapist in neurology) Jessica was able to face and overcome the hurdles that stroke (and the resulting aphasia) presented her with.

  • Let's get talking this holiday

    by Speech and Language Link 07 Dec 2023

    Unlock the magic of conversation with ‘talking tokens’ - a great way to support your classroom’s speech and language needs over the winter break.

  • Putting children at the heart: A call to action for a better tomorrow

    by Speech and Language Link 23 Nov 2023

    The ‘Children at the Table’ report urges immediate, transformative change in UK policies for children, emphasizing the involvement of 4.2 million children in poverty. It calls for top-level government commitment and collective action to ensure a better future. Read our response.

  • Thinking about winking

    by Alison Fowle
    — Speech and language therapist 02 Nov 2023

    In this blog, speech and language therapist, Alison reflects on the role we all play in supporting children to grasp the subtleties of non-verbal communication.