Our robust, standardised assessments are conducted in school to identify need, targeting support where it is needed.


Fully resourced, targeted interventions are recommended for each child based on their identified need, and are run by school staff.

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Our Speech Link and Language Link packages, each complete with their own assessment, interventions and resources, are designed to provide practical SLCN support to the team around a child.

Are you a SENCo?

Universal screen for early identification of need, instant results for staff, parents and specialist services and SLCN support. Read More

Are you a Teacher?

Establish clear analysis of a pupil's needs, reacting timely to speech and language concerns with high quality teaching strategies. Read More

Are you a TA?

Access training and specialist advice to plan intervention, using resources confidently and enjoying time with the children. Read More

Are you a Speech and Language Therapist?

Discover our SLCN packages, which improve quality of referrals and provide in-school support to children with mild/moderate needs. Read More

Are you a LEA, Specialist Teacher or Commissioner?

Inclusion and SLT teams use our packages as a responsive part of their local provision and specialist referral process. Read More

Are you a Parent?

Understand what our packages are, how they work and how your child's school uses them to support the speech and language needs of your child. Read More

Are you a Headteacher or Governor?

Implement as part of the school policy for meeting the needs of SLCN, maximise budget and staff resources, and produce inspection-ready, dynamic reports at the click of a button. Read More
Explore our Primary school packages Read More
Our packages as a graduated response to SLCN Read More
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