Welcome to our speech and language information site. Take a look at our award winning packages, Speech Link and Language Link, which help teachers to support speech, language and communication in schools.

Our online packages aim to empower SENCos, teachers and TAs in their work with SLCN and indicate the need for further support for the child where required. We do this through screening, intervention, staff training and support which are all included within our packages.

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SLCN Packages

‘Across all pupils with SEN in England, SLCN is now the most common primary type of need at 23% of pupils.’

— (DfE, Jul 2019)
Infant Language Link

Our award winning original language package for 4-8 year olds.

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Junior Language Link

Our award winning Key Stage 2 language package.

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Speech Link

Our package for working on speech sound delays.

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Secondary Language Link

Our package for secondary pupils.

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Literacy Difficulties? It could be SLCN

SLCN the hidden difficulty

SLCN is the most common primary area of need for pupils with SEN at 23%. However, when it comes to getting support through an EHCP, Autism Spectrum Disorder and Specific Learning Difficulties are identified far more frequently.

So why is SLCN so often missed or mis-identified?

Underlying language problems can be disguised as poor behaviour, weak literacy or even learning difficulties. In fact, it is often struggles with reading comprehension tasks that first alert staff to SLCN.

Schools need tools they can trust to accurately identify and support SLCN at all stages of a child’s school life. Boosting language skills can increase attainment and life chances for individuals, and that has to be worth striving for.

Junior Language Link

This award winning, innovative online package combines a standardised assessment, planned interventions, resources and measured outcomes. Empowering schools to take control of their own SLCN needs, Junior Language Link improves children’s understanding to boost their literacy skills, enabling them to access the curriculum. It maximises time, budget and specialist provision.

Junior Language Link enables schools to identify and support hidden languge and communication difficulties.


£40 discount off the first year’s subscription. For more details read the latest Link 15 Magazine, or contact our friendly Help Desk Team for more information.

The Link Magazine

The Link Magazine is packed full of specialist advice, articles and free resources to encourage best practice for SLCN across our community of schools.

Our unique SLCN magazine is published termly and posted FREE to all primary schools throughout the UK.

Designed to be shared among staff each issue features something of interest ranging from the latest research news to school case studies allowing you and your team access to expert advice and new ideas for the classroom whatever your role.

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