Thank you for your interest in helping with our exciting language screener project.

Our language screener for Reception and P1 classes is designed to be fun and easy to administer. It looks at the understanding of language needed in the Reception/P1 classroom. The children work with an adult, listen to some words and then point at a cartoon picture that goes with the words. The whole idea is to target help just where it’s needed.

We are improving the screener to make it quicker without losing accuracy and we need some volunteer schools that do not currently use Infant Language Link to help with this process.

Each school taking part will screen about 4 pupils per Reception class, each month (except August) for twelve months. We need the schools taking part to be able to screen at least 30 pupils across the full twelve month period. At this stage in the process the pupils taking part need to have been speaking English at home and have been exposed to English at home since birth.

As a thank you for your help, at the end of the twelve months we will send you a collection of all our printed SLCN resources, this includes all of the following items which individually retail at over £300.

Complete Resources Bundle

Classroom Resources

  • Creative Board Games Pack
  • SLCN Poster
  • Poster Pack
  • SLCN Sticker Pack

Language Resources

  • Associate Pocket Pack
  • Describe Pocket Pack
  • Categories Pocket Pack
  • The Naming Game
  • Early Language Homework

Speech Resources

  • Rhyme Time Pocket Pack
  • Syllables Pocket Pack
  • Listening Homework
  • Sound Homework
  • Sound Squares
  • Sound Square Blends
  • Minimal Pair Squares
Includes Voucher: Substantial discount off the first year fee for any of our online support packages

You can find details of these in our shop at - note that for anything listed as “downloadable” we will be sending you a pre-printed full colour version.

Register your Interest

The process we are undertaking is known as Standardisation. For this process we need to collect some information about the children, pre printed forms and information leaflets for the children’s parents/carers will be provided, all are fully GDPR compliant.

During 2020 we will also be asking a few of the volunteer schools to host visits from our research speech and language therapists. They will carry out some different assessments with a small number of pupils. This will not affect any child’s local speech and language therapy provision.

Register your interest, – we will keep you informed by email of the next step; we won’t use your details for anything else.

Please select a date in the future.

We are registered with the Information Commissioner’s Office as a data controller and have undertaken a full data protection impact assessment (DPIA) for the process of standardisation.