Our Company

Our Company Mission

Speech Link Multimedia Ltd was formed in 2004 and since then we have continued to develop innovative and award winning support packages for children with SLCN. Our ongoing mission is to bring Speech and Language Therapy knowledge and expertise to every school to help all children reach their full communication potential.

Our Vision

Our vision is for all school staff to be able to identify and support all children with speech, language and communication needs appropriately so no child is left behind at school or in life through poor understanding of language.

The Team

Pete | Director

Pete is the owner and Director of Speech Link Multimedia Ltd. Prior to the company being born, Pete was a software developer. When Derry told him her idea about online SLCN screening tools, they combined their skills to bring the vision to life! Speech Link emerged as a company, and Pete has led us from strength to strength, with his vision and commitment to the SLCN cause!

Derry | SLT and Developer

Derry is the initial developer of Speech Link Multimedia Ltd’s products. When working as a SLT she was posed a challenge – is there a cost and time effective way of helping schools to support SLCN? She went to Pete who, as a software developer could help her bring vision of an online screening tool to life. Derry continues to develop new products and carries out research. Fun Fact: When she’s not designing new resources, Derry designs gardens!

Susan | SLT and Developer

Sue has diverse experience internationally, working in community, hospital and educational settings with specialist experience in LAC and SEMH. Here at Speech Link Multimedia Ltd, Sue develops our Secondary Language Link package She is also a practising clinician for a diagnostic Neurodevelopmental Service. Fun Fact: Sue loves a ‘she shed’, is passionate about clay and loves restoration.

Judith | Business Manager

Judith has always worked in marketing. As Business Manager here, she manages everyone and everything – the list of jobs goes on – and always keeps her team smiling along the way. Fun Fact: Judith is a keen knitter and makes us all jealous with the beautiful things she makes (we are all hoping for knitted jumpers for Christmas).

Heather | SLT and Help Desk Support

Heather is a trained SLT, and has been at Speech Link Multimedia Ltd since almost the dawn of time! She designs and conducts training sessions for users and non-users alike, acts as a SLT contact for schools in need of advice, and provides input into product development. Fun Fact: Heather loves nothing more than gardening and spending time with her Grandson.

Shelley | SLT and Help Desk Support

Before coming to work here, Shelley worked for an independent SLT practice. She joined our Speech and Language Therapy team in 2017 as a trainer, and to provide speech and language support to schools on our help desk. Fun Fact: Shelley is originally from New Zealand but prefers cats to sheep.

Jo | SENCo and Help Desk Support

Jo works as a SENCo in a local school, and she is the SENCo voice and representative on our team. Her input enables us to understand the senior leadership team’s needs and develop our product accordingly. Fun Fact: Jo is off to New Zealand this year for the trip of a lifetime - we are all incredibly jealous.

Annette | Help Desk Support

Annette used to do our accounting for us through an accounting agency, but loved us so much that she decided to come and stay with us. Annette looks after our accounts and deals with school payments and sorts all things money related. Fun Fact: Annette keeps hens and has a constant supply of fresh eggs which she spoils us with at the office.

Maz | Help Desk Support

Maz has hands on experience in schools as a Teaching Assistant. Now she brings her expertise to Speech Link Multimedia Ltd, being a first point of contact for users, setting up demos and being a voice for TAs in product development. Fun Fact: Maz loves live music and her garden, she is really green fingered and our go to person for garden based advice.

Claire | Help Desk Support

Originally a chef, Claire relocated to Kent and began working in schools as a TA. Here at Speech Link Multimedia Ltd she organises our conferences and exhibitions, assists with production of The Link magazine, and runs our online shop. Fun Fact: Claire loves reading, crafting, and cooking.

Darrie | Artist

Darrie brings his amazing art experience, from working on the set of My Left Foot starring Daniel Day Lewis to Speech Link Multimedia Ltd. He creates all the artwork used across our packages and marketing. Fun Fact: Darrie isn’t just creative when it comes to art, he also plays the guitar.

Steve | Web Developer

Steve was previously a Senior QA Tester working on automotive websites at GForces Web Management Ltd. Now he is on our team as Lead Developer and System Administrator for Speech Link Multimedia Ltd’s Primary packages and other products. Fun Fact: Steve could quite happily live off chocolate milkshakes.

James | Web Developer

James is a specialist in Multimedia Engineering, Digital Arts, and Gaming Industry. His role with us involves web game development and front-end development for new Web Applications. Fun Fact: James was sponsored to play video games professionally and won the Battlefield Major World Championship.

Holly | Creative Media Producer

Holly is a graduate in Fine Art and started with us as a temp. Her flair for design and marketing set her apart and now she makes our marketing and ‘How To’ videos. Fun Fact: A keen netballer, model maker and lover of nature, Holly can often be found (in her Minions t-shirt) training for a marathon.

Tom | Multimedia Technologist

Tom graduated with a first class honours degree in Multimedia Technology and Design at the University of Kent. His role as a multimedia content creator involves video editing, motion graphics and game design. Fun Fact: Tom watches more television than is medically advised.

Liz | Content Editor and Help Desk Support

Liz has a passion for words and reading. She will be working with our blog, newsletters and any of wording needs. She will also be there for help on the help desk. Fun Fact: Liz has an addiction to chocolate and cheese.

Niamh | Help Desk Support

Niamh has recently finished her A levels and has been working for Speech Link during her gap year. Next year she’s hoping to go to University to study Speech and Language Therapy. Fun Fact: Niamh loves going out for food with her friends and her favourite meal is lasagne.