Our innovative software package aims to give young people the opportunity to develop communication skills for life and maximise their school experience.

This package is not currently available, but please get in touch if you are interested and we will let you know when there is any availability.

What does Secondary Language Link include?


The first step is to assess your Year 7 cohort. Our online assessment tests both the understanding of social language (including multiple meanings, sarcasm, inference and idioms) and the understanding of core language (including instructions, concept vocabulary, complex sentences and processing information). The assessment is highly interactive, and content reflects the daily demands of pupils' social and educational environment. Results of the assessment will be presented as both pupil profiles and group reports. The pupil profile consists of a pupil provision card and intervention recommendations.

Talk Fitness targeted intervention

Based on a child's assessment result, they may be recommended for the Talk Fitness targeted intervention programme. Talk Fitness is an innovative course, combining online video learning with classroom teaching. Each lesson, available on demand and presented by Talk Fitness coaches, is designed to improve cross-curricular speaking and listening skills. The programme consists of 6 units, targeting areas from active listening and instructions to discussion and debate. Progress measures, such as small assessments and questionnaires, are all in place so that you can chart progression.

Inclusive Teaching Plans

A curriculum linked list of recommended differentiation strategies, Inclusive Teaching Plans (ITPs) enable teachers to support young people consistently across all their lessons. Using the results of the whole class, teachers are able to pinpoint areas of need and select relevant strategies to apply in their specific subject lesson. For instance, using more visual instructions may work perfectly in science classes, but the English teacher may prefer to focus on highlighting and discussing new vocabulary. Over time, schools are able to identify the most effective strategies for planning and differentiation in different curriculum areas.

Training and support

Our SLCN toolkit is an online teacher training resource which you can choose to use at any point. The toolkit enables mainstream teachers to identify young people at risk of speech, language and communication difficulties, promoting inclusive teaching practices across the curriculum. Schools can use the toolkit flexibly and on demand, as the basis of staff training sessions or as part of a teacher's Continuing Professional Development Plan. What's more, as a Secondary Language Link user you will be able to book a video conference with our specialist SaLTs for advice, and the Help Desk are always just a call away.

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