As a leading provider of speech, language and communication needs (SLCN) packages, Speech and Language Link has been helping children develop their speech and language skills for over 20 years. To make a real difference to long term outcomes for children, we believe, staff need to understand ‘why’ they are being asked by specialists to use certain strategies and change the way they work with children.

Relevant and engaging training is an investment with far-reaching impact that rewards the whole school community. We are proud to introduce our CPD certified speech and language training course, The Link Speech and Language CPD.

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We know how busy you are in school. It’s not always possible to get release time to attend training or cover the costs of supply staff. That’s why we have developed a flexible online course that you can work through at a time that suits you.

Each course is led by a speech and language therapist tutor who will offer tailored support and individualised feedback so that you can meet your learning goals. Our online learning platform enables you to access the course materials at your convenience, working though each lesson and activity at your own pace. Lessons feature video content with real-life examples of high-quality practice and explanations of key concepts, alongside interactive activities and practical assignments to help you to consolidate your learning. This unique approach offers a truly immersive experience enabling you to transfer learning into your everyday classroom practice.

The Language Course

The Language Course is made up of two modules. Each module represents about 10 hours of training and is suitable for those who are new to SLCN and experienced practitioners alike. Module 1 must be completed before Module 2.

Module 1 - Introduction to Speech and Language

This module will develop participants’ understanding of what we mean by ‘speech’, ‘language’ and ‘communication’ and how children acquire speech and language skills. Participants will learn about the impact of SLCN on learning and how to create a communication-friendly environment within the classroom and the wider school environment so that all students can access their education.

Module 1: £225+VAT (per participant)

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Course Start Dates:

18th April 2024 (FULL)

1st October 2024


Module 2 - Language Intervention

This module focuses on understanding language difficulties in an educational context. Participants will learn about effective strategies to support the understanding and spoken language skills of children both within the classroom and around school. It will also cover planning and delivering successful language interventions at targeted and specialist levels, and how to measure progress.

Module 2: £225+VAT (per participant)

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Course Start Dates:

16th April 2024

19th September 2024


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What our participants say

I loved learning so intensely. I have learned so much about my role in this course and the fact that I feel more confident in my role and to be able to talk to others about SLCN too is amazing. No more imposter syndrome. The Canterbury Academy

I have been able to achieve all my aims and I feel this course has given me confidence in order to do so. I have become a lot more confident in my role and I would like to thank speech and language therapist, Sophie for her support and thank this course for helping me build my knowledge in this vast area. I have really enjoyed learning new things. HTLA, Kent