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  • Ross Kemp – Living with Knife Crime

    by Louise Burton
    — Speech and Language Therapist 14 Aug 2019

    SaLT Louise Bingham explores the link between SLCN and criminality and the disturbing increase in knife crime in the UK.

  • Behaviour problem? Or is it a language issue?

    by Shelley Parkin
    — Speech and Language Therapist 22 Nov 2018

    All children (and adults) will have their ‘off’ days where their behaviour may be slightly out of character, fractious or downright obnoxious! This is normal, and is often linked to lack of sleep, hunger, over-stimulation, pain, receiving bad news or perhaps an argument with a friend - there can be all sorts of reasons. In some cases there is a known condition where behaviour is different in comparison to peers - children with learning difficulties.