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by Speech and Language Link
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In the bustling environment of school, children are constantly immersed in a sea of communication opportunities, from debates in the classroom to animated discussions with friends during lunch. However, the home environment may not always provide the same level of communication opportunities. Here's an engaging activity to get children and parents talking over the holiday period - the creation of 'promise tokens.' 

The Activity 

To kickstart this activity, all you need is a blank piece of paper and a dash of creativity. Follow these steps to create personalised promise tokens that encourage meaningful conversations: 

  1. Divide the paper into 8 equal-sized boxes. 
  2. Time options – in each box, have the children write down different time lengths (e.g., 5 minutes, 10 minutes) to provide both the child and the parent/carer with options for the duration of their conversation. 
  3. Topic selection – in four of the boxes, let the children choose four topics they’d like to talk about with their parents/carers. These could range from sports and holiday traditions to family stories and personal interests. 
  4. Blank spaces for future conversations – leave the remaining 4 boxes blank, allowing either the child or parent/carer to fill them in at a later date. 
  5. Creative expressions – encourage the children to decorate their ‘talking tokens’ with a festive theme to make the activity visually appealing and engaging. 
  6. Cut and share – once the tokens are complete, cut them out, and they are ready to be used!  

These promise tokens offer a great starting point for conversations. Children can ‘spend’ them to initiate quality talking time with their parents/carers or siblings. From using them during the daily routine, to surprise conversations, these ‘talking tokens’ offer a fantastic way to not only strengthen family bonds but to also boost children’s speech and language skills whilst away from the classroom.

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