Mother reading book with children

Learning to understand and talk is a complex process. Children need to master a number of different skills. They need to hear lots of talking and experience lots of interaction with other people to understand what words mean and be able to combine words together to make sentences.

Most children will follow the same steps in learning language, but the age at which they learn them can vary a lot. These tables will help you work out what the next steps are for your child’s speech or language learning.

Using the tables

Step 1: Click on the skyscraper for the area of language you want to check.

Step 2: Move across the coloured ‘ages’ bar to find your child’s age. Read the statements to check if your child is developing the right skills for their age.

Step 3: If your child does not have those skills in place move down the bar until you find the statements that best describe your child. Then move up one band to see what the next steps are.

Don’t panic if the ages your child is at and their correct age don’t match. Children develop at different rates. It is more important to focus on what the next steps are rather than what age they should be doing those things.

Step 4: Go to the activities page and look for activities from the same stage. These are coloured coded to help you.

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