Support for Parents and Carers


Welcome to our award-winning website offering parents and carers advice, information and activities for developing your children’s understanding, talking and listening.

COVID update: Supporting your children’s learning, language and trying to work at the same time will challenge even the most confident and committed of us. We are here to help give you ideas so you can continue your children’s support in a way that works for you as a family.

Use our new ‘Can I have your attention please?’ videos to help get your child in the right mood for learning. Our daily tips will give you super quick games and ideas to encourage a range of language skills. Perhaps end your children’s learning time with one or two of those.

You don’t always need to create special time for working on listening and talking, use our everyday activities to turn many routine tasks into support activities.

Remember parents and carers don’t cause speech and language difficulties but they can make all the difference in helping children overcome them.

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